Friday, September 18, 2020

Virtual Summit Oct. 7-8: How to Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything

The Virtual Coaching Summit was scheduled to be a two-day live event; however, instead of a cancellation due to Jill Jackson’s untimely death in August, Jackson Consulting will provide a pre-recorded Virtual Coaching Summit that will feature Jill Jackson as the facilitator teaching How to Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything, a simple, practical plan for knowing how to coach, what to coach, and who to coach on your staff.

When: Oct. 7-8; 8-5 p.m. (local time for your Central/Mountain location will be provided)

Audience: Principals and instructional coaches                  

  •        Districts involved in SPDG and SSIP grants  
  •        MTSS districts
  •        Principal Leadership and Development Program (PLD)
  •        If spots remain, the Coaching Summit will be open to other districts

Highlights of what participants will learn:

  •     How to set a principal’s instructional goal
  •     How to differentiate coaching time, focus, and approach based upon individual teacher needs
  •     How to approach teachers for coaching without feeling awkward or evaluative
  •     How to have a debriefing that results in action that sticks long-term
  •     How to build real trust with teachers without wasting time building buy-in

Participant Information:

  •     No registration fee
  •     Registration deadline: Sept. 25
  •     All participants MUST sign-up at this GoSignMeUp link

o The registration will require a password: Jackson2020

o Registered participants receive a web link and password each day to access pre-recorded sessions.

o There is a maximum capacity of 100 participants for the event, so register early.

  •     All participants will receive the How To Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything textbook.

o Textbooks will be mailed to participants’ district location. 

o For more information on contents of the text:

Questions? Email Teresa Berndt.