Friday, October 7, 2022

Governor proclaims Civics Awareness Month

Whereas, the framers of the United States Constitution formed a unique, new form of government intended primarily to protect individual citizens' liberties; and

Whereas, for those liberties to thrive, citizens have the responsibility to be well informed of their rights and the structure of their government and to cultivate a lifelong habit of learning about history and civic traditions; and,

Whereas, the founders of South Dakota, and the people who have inhabited this great state ever since, have valued education of all kinds, but particularly lifelong learning that sustains our nation's exceptionalism; and,

Whereas, the knowledge of our civic past cultivates a patriotism that fosters love of country, through which we hold ourselves to an objective standard of moral right and wrong, celebrating our successes and learning from our failures; and,

Whereas, our state and country are safer, stronger, and healthier when all citizens are engaged:

Now, Therefore, I, Kristi Noem, Governor of the State of South Dakota, do hereby proclaim October 2022, as

Civics Awareness Month

in South Dakota.

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