Thursday, February 10, 2022

Nicole Weron: SD School Counselor of the Year

Nicole Weron (left) and Randi Hartman,
2021 SD School Counselor of the Year, in
Washington, D.C., for recognition events

Nicole Weron
School Counselor
Hill City Elementary School
Hill City, S.D.

A school counselor since 2004, Nicole Weron has a bachelor’s degree in human services and political science and a master’s degree in counseling and human resource development, both from South Dakota State University.

In her work at Hill City Elementary School, Weron built the K–5 comprehensive school counseling program and presents biweekly, structured counseling activities in every classroom. Her lessons are structured based on student need and are an integral part of students’ total educational experience. The school counseling program also incorporates support and collaboration from administrators, teachers, students, and the community. Teachers and parents value the program and consider it an equal partner in the educational process; it promotes the achievement of all students.

“I love caring for students and being a part of their support system,” Weron said.

Weron is a member of ASCA, the South Dakota School Counselor Association, the South Dakota Counseling Association and the West River Counseling Association.